Sunday, January 30, 2011

All this snow is making me SAD

This is what my front yard looks like. Well, maybe a little more plowed out now, but this was what it looked like last Wednesday, after our umpteenth snow storm. We'd gotten 30 inches two weeks before, and this past storm dropped 18 more inches on us. Another storm is supposedly bearing down on us, bent to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday this week. I'm not sure which because I'm afraid to watch the weather.

This is not normal for coastal Connecticut. Anyone who says climate change isn't happening clearly isn't living here or paying attention to the fact that the jet stream is shifting. And while we're getting snow dumped on us, somewhere the polar ice caps are melting. What's wrong with this picture?

Besides all the snow, this is never a great time of year for me. I get SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but usually not til February. I think it's all the snow that's causing it this year.

My husband says I'm an embarrassment to my people, who left Sweden to go to a place that's even snowier and colder: Minnesota.

I am not a pioneer.

Summer can't come fast enough.

Do you like winter?


pattinase (abbott) said...

A light screen helped me so much with this.

Eleanor Kohlsaat said...

If it helps any, Karen, you're not alone. Everyone I know is sick to death of winter. We're all in this together!

David Terrenoire said...

I don't like winter. I grew up in places that got a lot of snow. I remember one Fourth of July, I could see my breath. Then I was stationed in Panama. Two seasons, wet and less wet. Summer all year long. I loved that.