Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some good news

I appreciate everyone's thoughts concerning the loss of my agent Jack Scovil. It was not an easy time, since besides losing my agent and friend, I was suddenly faced with having to find another agent. Anyone who's ever had to find an agent understands how much anxiety it causes.

I had not written a query letter in 13 years. The last one I wrote was to Jack, and that one itself was very casual, since he and I had been corresponding before that. I had completely forgotten how to do it. But the good thing about looking for an agent in 2012 rather than 2000 is that there is so much more information on the Internet! Agentquery.com is a wonderful place to check out who's representing what, and who might be the best fit for a book. Also, there are tons of blogs and other sites where you can find out just how to write that dreaded query.

I did a bit of that, but I am incredibly blessed to be part of a writing community that reaches out and helps people who need it. I had two wonderful writer friends, Keith Raffel and Dana Cameron, refer me to their agent, Josh Getzler of HSG Agency. Keith's daughter is actually Josh's assistant, which I'd like to think gave me an even bigger "in." I did write that query, because any little bit helps, but within days, I was sending manuscripts to Josh, who was so incredibly enthusiastic, I could hardly believe my luck.

So long story short, Josh is now my new agent. And I couldn't be happier. Not just because I don't have to send out any more queries! I had felt blessed with Jack, who was so supportive about my work, but just in a couple of weeks of knowing and talking to Josh, I know I'm in very good, capable hands, and his excitement about my work is equal to Jack's (maybe even a little more!).

As a writer, it's really important to find an agent that you're comfortable with, that you're on the same page with, because you're both working toward the same goal: write the best book possible so it can sell. For me, it's important to find an agent who is also editor, someone who can help mold the book into something even better. Josh and I have talked at length about the young adult book I'm working on, and with his guidance, I'm feeling really confident about it.

I can't help but hope this means good things are ahead in many other ways, too.