Friday, November 13, 2015

More books in the HIDDEN series!

I am so thrilled to announce that there will be a third book in the HIDDEN series! I have recently signed a contract to continue the series with Severn House Publishers. The title will be BETRAYED.

The second in the series, SHADOWED, will debut in the UK on February 28 and in the US on June 1. Here is a teaser:

The computer hacker formerly known as Nicole Jones is now living as Susan McQueen on a remote island in Quebec, Canada. She is living a quiet life, working as an artist - but she has not given up her computer. While in an online chat room, she sees a shadow - someone is inside her laptop, watching her every move, and somehow knows exactly who she is. Afraid that he will track her down, Susan is on the run again - but from whom? Is it the FBI or someone associated with her past crime sixteen years before? Making her way across the border and back to the USA, some unsettling discoveries make Susan realize that she won't be able to escape her past a second time.

Are you hooked yet?

And here is the cover of SHADOWED:

 What do you think?