Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book 'em, Danno

In the vein of remaking old TV shows into new TV shows and movies, CBS is going to launch the "new" Hawaii Five-O in the fall. Check out the opening credits:

And if you want a little more, here's a longer clip included with a Hollywood Reporter story about the new series. I can't embed it, so just click here.

I have serious issues with this. Hawaii Five-O was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. McGarrett was the classic cop: he was mysterious, with only hints at his background in the Naval Academy, in Korea; he always wore a suit; and he never smiled. He wasn't a young guy, and if he was buff, we didn't know it because of the conservative suits.

The new McGarrett is young. Buff. He takes his shirt off (see video clip from Hollywood Reporter). He lets Danno drive.

Speaking of whom, Scott Caan seems to be channeling Sonny Corleone in some of these scenes. Totally not what I remember of Danno, who was a good young cop eager to learn from the older, wiser McGarrett.

Hawaii Five-O was one of the most racially diverse shows on TV in its day, having more Asian actors than ever seen before in one program. The new one does include that, but Chin Ho is supposed to be an older, heavy man. And what's up with the skinny Asian surfer babe? She's a cop? Right.

If we look at this new version of an old favorite as something totally new, like a wannabe Burn Notice, then it might be okay. We can't make any comparisons because it looks like there will be few. If we watch it merely on its own merits, then maybe, just maybe, we can tolerate it.

What do you think? Will you watch?


Paul said...

I'm just glad that actors from two of my favorite series, "Lost" and "Battlestar Galactica," are going to be on it: Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park. I guess Alex O'Laughlin will be OK. The kick-ass Dan-o definitely doesn't jibe with what I remember James MacArthur to be. "Hawaii Five-O" might be the only series this fall that I even have half an interest in.

Sherry in Carrollton, TX said...

I probably won't watch the new show. They can never get the same response we had to the old show. It's been done and you can't go back!

LJ Roberts said...

With Alex O'Loughlin (vampire on Moonlight) as McGarrett, I'll definitely be watching. From the clip, the dialogue seems snappier than the original.

Gerald So said...

I haven't liked Alex O'Loughlin in any of his recent roles (MOONLIGHT, THREE RIVERS), but I'll watch because it's set in Hawaii and who doesn't need the escape?

As Karen says, the key is to watch it for itself. One reason for optimism is it's from the writers who brought us the new STAR TREK movie, which I thought was just the right blend of new and old.

James O. Born said...

Another police show not to watch.

Jim B

Kieran Shea said...

Mmmm. No.

P.A.Brown said...

I might check it out, but my first thought when I saw the two main leads -- was HAWAII?? 5-0, two lovely Anglo hunks. Two others that are obviously supporting roles are Asian. Why on earth couldn't they have had at least ONE true Hawaiian type -- like Neil Plakcy's Kimo Kanapa'aka? He was haole/Japanese/Chinese/Hawaiian and everything else. That's what Hawaii is about. Not these two pasty faced white boys and one skinny Playboy center fold Asian chick.

No doubt all the villains will be some ethnic group to make up the 'balance'. Sheesh.

P.A.Brown said...

Sheesh is right: Just watched the trailer

Give me a break. The Governor is a blonde woman. Did these people ever actually visit the islands?